Commission Free Restaurant Ordering App for Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

Take your restaurant, cafe or bar online quickly with an restaurant ordering app, fully integrated into your website. An application that allows you to display your menu, take online orders and reservations, as well as receive payments.

There are 4 main features that make up our restaurant system:

  1. Wix Restaurant Dashboard

  2. Wix Restaurant Menus App

  3. Wix Restaurant Orders App

  4. Wix Restaurant Reservations App

Wix Restaurant Dashboard is where you set up and manage all your applications, such as the Wix Restaurant Menu App and the Orders App.

Wix Restaurant Menus App is where you can set up, make changes and display to your menu.

Wix Restaurant Orders App is a premium option that allows you the flexibility to take both online and phone orders, as well as receive payments from orders.

Lastly, the Wix Restaurant Reservations App is another premium feature that allows your guests to book a table and make reservations online.

Wix Restaurant Dashboard is where you will be able to manage your restaurant. From setting it up, to changing restaurant details such as: address, trading hours, pricing. This is also the location for you to promote your restaurant, by offering discounts and coupons. This function allows you to display both an image of the item, as well as a short description and its pricing for the customers to view.

Wix Restaurant Menus App allows you the ability to create your menu and add it into your web page. You have the flexibility to create a number of different menus, e.g. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, as well as sub-sections and proportion options within the menus, e.g. Starters, Main Dishes, Desserts. Your menu can be in multiple languages depending on your business and your democratic.

Wix Restaurant Orders App is where you will be able to take orders both online and via phone with the option of delivery of pick-up. You will also be able to Wix Restaurant collect payments from multiple different payment gateways through this application. Wix supports a large number of different payment gateways, such as: Stripe, Paypal, eWAY, Payment Express, WorldPay; just to name a few. Wix Payments also enables credit card payments without transaction fees.

The Wix Restaurant Reservations App is another premium feature that allows your guest to book a table straight from your website. The guest will have to select a date, time, number of guests attending and any specific requests. The dates shown will be the dates available and those that are fully booked will not be shown at all. This allows you to take your restaurant completely online and automated behind the scenes without you having to pick up a phone call. You will be able to completely customise how you'd like to receive and handle reservations and requests, allowing the complete control to pause and stop reservations at any point of time.

You are also able to have a look at existing reservations, as well as responding to any requests that the guests have inquired about.

As part of your premium customised website, you will also have marketing tools available for users, this function is separated into 3 sections: Restaurant Social, Restaurant Discounts and Restaurant Analytics.

Restaurant Social allows you to connect your webpage with any social media account. Restaurant Discounts allows you set up, customize and change any discounts and/or coupons you are having to promote your restaurant. And lastly, Restaurant Analytics allows you to view the statistics of your sales and orders over any selected period of time through different platforms.

We also have a "Shout-Out" feature that allows you to communicate with guests on a regular basis. If you have any new promotions or specials, you are able to send all your guests an email with the details.

Wix Mobile App allows you to be updated and monitor what's going on in the restaurant, even if you are not there. You are able to manage everything on your webpage through this application, just like you would normally on the Wix website. With the Wix Mobile App you can receive notifications on your mobile when there is a new order or reservation, easily connect with your customers via phone or email, view what orders are coming through and and follow up on how long it takes for them to be completed. You are also able to accept and decline reservations or guest requests from any location. As well as, marking any items 'out of stock' so that guests know that particular item is currently unavailable.

Our fully customised websites, with domain name, hosting, smart apps and more are available now for just $99 per month based on a 50% discount as we support restaurants, cafes and bars through COVID-19. For free demo, please email

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